Bitcoin Revival Review: A New Approach to Bitcoin Trading – A well kept secret or just a fraud?

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Bitcoin Revival

These past years the price of Bitcoin drop down to $3,700. This may be caused by the release of new cryptocurrencies recently. This is a very common occurrence in the crypto market as traders are easily tempted by new markets to capitalize on. But blockchain experts say that Bitcoin is bound to bounce back again. David Wachsman, a blockchain expert states that since the Bitcoin is still considered as the most trusted and reliable crypto in the market, it would still be able to bounce back again.

This is one of the reasons why the bitcoin market is still most favored by the majority of traders and marketers. The Bitcoin still stood at the top of the market and is still will be in the future according to experts. The major plan for more accessibility for bitcoin is also being laid out by major companies.

In the upcoming comeback of bitcoin, the interest from the general public will rise which will result in the sudden hike of prices. So as of now, a good move would be to invest in it while it is still in the low.

However, if you are still new to bitcoin trading you might be thinking twice on how to start it right. Most people use crypto trading bots. Like their forex and stock exchange cousins, crypto trading bots are kinds of softwares that can do pretty much anything that a trader can do. But since it is powered by computers, you can expect a faster and more accurate results when it comes to technical analysis and trade searching.

In this Bitcoin Revival review, we will discuss that there are many available trading bots in the market but only a few can be really worth trying. You may come across those that only want your money but would not really give you profits in the end.  But one has been lately taking the attention of bitcoin traders, the Bitcoin Revival. We reviewed the trading bot and the results are decent. Read across this Bitcoin Revival review to find out yourself.

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Bitcoin Revival: A Reliable Trading Bot?

Bitcoin Revival is a trading bot that boasts security and has an easier to understand user-interface than most bots. Bitcoin Revival can do pretty much anything from technical analysis, trade searching and it is also reported to anticipate the future trends in the market with a 0.001 margin. To some, that margin maybe not be that relevant but in the highly volatile market of bitcoin, that small margin is really important. The Bitcoin Revival software uses that 0.001 sec margin to immediately act on your portfolio like selling an asset just before its price crashes or holding a position because its price is bound to rise. This makes Bitcoin Revival one of the most reliable and profitable trading bots in the market.

Its Auto-Trading mode is also one of it’s greatest features. You can set your preferred settings and leave the Bitcoin Revival as is. With Bitcoin Revival, you can fully optimize your trading venture in the ever awake bitcoin market.

What Makes the Bitcoin Revival Reliable?

The inner workings of the Bitcoin Revival software are what enable it to earn profit up to $800 a day for its users. It is encoded with complex mathematical algorithms that allow it to use data from past market history and current market trends to forecast the future swing of the bitcoin market. The Bitcoin Revival developers also infused common de facto trading strategies that are also used in the stock exchange and forex and integrate it into the bitcoin market. Basically, The Bitcoin Revival software is a very smart and high processing trader. Indeed making it a very ideal trading partner.

Features of the Bitcoin Revival

We tested the Bitcoin Revival ourselves and we are not disappointed with the results. Here are Bitcoin Revival impressive features: 

Bitcoin Revival is Free

First of all, finding a free trading bot is like finding a treasure chest. To use the Bitcoin Revival, all you have to do is create a free account and that’s basically it. Unlike other trading bots in the market, the Bitcoin Revival does not require for expensive monthly subscriptions. Bitcoin Revival also has no hidden charges. After depositing $250 for your capital you can start trading with the bot immediately. Perfect for people that are rookies in bitcoin trading but want to learn the market.

Demo Trading Mode

Aside from being free, the Bitcoin Revival software also has a Demo Mode. This Demo Mode uses real-time market statistics just like the real deal. But with this feature of Bitcoin Revival, you don’t have to risk losing money. Bitcoin Revival lets you experience what it’s like to trade, it feels really genuine. New traders use this to have a feel of the bitcoin market. Use Bitcoin Revival demo trading tool to learn the basics of bitcoin trading.

Impressive Winning Rate

There are many trading bots in the market but the Bitcoin Revival’s winning rate is something that makes it stand from the rest. With a success rate of 85%, Bitcoin Revival is able to yield up to $800 a day. Other testimonials on their page claim they have earned as high as $19000 already. But take note that although the Bitcoin Revival has a very high accuracy rate it is still not perfectly ideal as there are certain factors of the market that are nearly impossible to anticipate. Also, the Bitcoin Revival trader’s experience and knowledge can still have an impact when it comes to trading in Bitcoin Revival.

Trusted By Many Traders

This trading bot has a high trust rate from different organizations and veteran traders. There are also other positive results reflected about the Bitcoin Revival review. The testimonials on their page are one of the proofs of how reliable this trading bot can be. Just be wary of other Bitcoin Revival fraud reviews that you can stumble upon on the internet. Those are merely underhanded marketing strategies fabricated by this software’s competitors.

Bitcoin Revival has High Level Security

The developers of the Bitcoin Revival are highly concerned with their customers. Due to this, they enforced their website with SSL technology, an innovative program that protects it’s users’ personal information from being stolen by malicious parties on the internet. Bitcoin Revival also does not disclose its user’s information to other parties. With the Bitcoin Revival software, you can trade while remaining anonymous and you do not have to worry about your money being stolen by other people.

Straightforward User Interface

The bitcoin market may be very complex and hard to understand for new traders. There are many terms you need to understand and there are a number of fields that require thorough knowledge. But one good thing about the Bitcoin Revival is that it introduced an easier approach to bitcoin trading. The Bitcoin Revival app has many features that can assist new traders. Bitcoin Revival has a built in guide that teaches it’s users the basics of the market. The menu and settings are also made so that even rookies can easily cope with the software. Bitcoin Revival has automatic analysis that removes the burden of calculating complex computations for the trader, the Bitcoin Revival software will do it all comprehensively.

Managed By Licensed Brokers

The Bitcoin Revival software is managed by trusted and licensed brokers. All transactions in Bitcoin Revival are verified by these brokers to ensure the security of their user’s money. You can entrust your money to regulated brokers.

Respondent Customer Care 

Bitcoin Revival customer care service quickly responds to their user’s concerns and is very friendly. You can also contact them in several ways like live chats and phone calls. There is also a Customer Care on Bitcoin Revival website. Concerns and issues are typically resolved within 2 days or less, not like other customer care services that can take up to weeks sometimes even a month.

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Is The Bitcoin Revival fraud?

After testing the trading bot, we can say that the Bitcoin Revival is in fact 100% LEGIT. There are also plenty of reviews that have a positive verdict on this bot. All have claimed to earn up to 300% from the initial capital of $250. The user testimonials on their website is also a proof of the Bitcoin Revival’s legitimacy.

The way the software is developed enables its high accuracy rate so the profitability of the Bitcoin Revival is not to be questioned. This software has reported over 19,000 users up to date and the majority of these users claim to earned at least $3,000 after the first week of their try. The Bitcoin Revival is also featured on major business news networks like Forbes, CNN and Time reaffirming the impressive profitability of this software.

testimonials of the Bitcoin Revival's users

How Do Its Users Profit?

The high accuracy rate of the Bitcoin Revival enables its users to profit up to 300% after the first week of their use. Its website and system are powered by powerful computers that handle all the data traffic and transactions of the whole platform. Bitcoin Revival has an AI that is also designed to be able to predict the future swing of the market thus resulting in its high accuracy.

However even though the Bitcoin Revival boasts a high rate of precision, the user still has to possess knowledge of the market, though only requires the basics. With enough research, you can optimize the use of this trading bot by creating flexible strategies to implement on your trading portfolio. After trading enough with the Bitcoin Revival bot you should be able to formulate your own trading style in order to exploit the tendencies of the bitcoin market.

Another thing to do in order to earn with the Bitcoin Revival bot is creating a trading routine. Those who became successful with this bot mostly trade manually on daytime when the potential for scalp trading is at its peak. This style involves short and quick buy and sells off assets. At night you can then leave the Bitcoin Revival trading bot on its own to buy and hold positions for you. This also allows Bitcoin Revival to collect more data that you can also use to formulate more trading strategies.

Think of it as learning from experience while also earning money at the same time. Remember that although the Bitcoin Revival can trade automatically, it is also important for its user to gather enough knowledge so that when the trading parameters are adjusted, the Bitcoin Revival can increase its accuracy rate as Bitcoin Revival has a self learning program.

Can New Traders Use the Bitcoin Revival?

Of course, the Bitcoin Revival is designed not only for old traders but specifically for new traders. It is fully automated and the technical analysis for sophisticated market data is done by the software itself. Use this feature to gain experience so that you can maximize the earning potential of the Bitcoin Revival. 

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How Do You Start Trading with the Bitcoin Revival? 

Trading with the Bitcoin Revival bot is very simple and quick. After opening an account on their website and depositing your initial investment you can start trading right away.

Register Now and Start Trading

After testing we listed all the steps to create an account in the Bitcoin Revival software. Here are the steps that we followed: 

bitcoin revival webpage

1. Creating an Account 

Bitcoin Revival website already has a registration form provided on the right side of the page. Fill in your name, email address and phone number. You are also required to create a password so we highly recommend for you to create a very strong one as it also means the security of your account. Try adding some characters and uppercase on the password to make it stronger.

The Bitcoin Revival site will also require for some information but don’t worry because those will be needed for verification purposes. Their website is SSL protected so your personal data will remain secured at their database. The website also does not give away their user’s information without their consent.

2. Depositing Your Investment

After filling all the needed information, you will be brought to their payment window. The Bitcoin Revival software requires a minimum of $250 to be used as your capital. Take note that this is not a charge or payment but rather a money to be used by you for Live Trading. Don’t worry as after trading you can already withdraw all your money including that $250 whenever you want. Bitcoin Revival also offers flexible ways of payment such as:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer

3. Demo Mode

After depositing your capital investment, you will have to wait for confirmation and verification. While you’re waiting, you can try using one of the Bitcoin Revival’s seamless features, the Demo Mode. The Demo Mode is purely developed so that rookie traders can experience what it feels like to trade with the real bitcoin market without the risk of losing money. All of the data shown in the graphs are real-time and based on the current market standings. This can help you imagine all the roundabouts of the bitcoin market.

4. Proceed to Bitcoin Revival Live Trading

After receiving a notification that the deposit is successful you can now immediately proceed to Live Trading. This is where the real thing happens. You can immediately adjust the trading parameters in the menu to your liking and preferences. These parameters include the amount of money to trade, stop-losses and the time when the Bitcoin Revival will stop trading. Although if you are just new to bitcoin trading, you can just leave the default settings as it is.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Revival

Pros ?

✔️High Security
Secured with SSL technology and regulated by licensed brokers, the Bitcoin Revival is one of the safest and most trusted trading bots in the market.

✔️Withdrawals are Fast 
The withdrawal process is very easy and fast. Your money is sent to your bank account in less than 24 hours. All you have to do is fill up their withdrawal slip and give your identification for verification.

✔️Highly Profitable
As mentioned earlier, the Bitcoin Revival can yield up to $800 a day with an initial investment of $250. Others claimed to profit up to $3000, but this is due to the fact that those people invest a large amount of money already. It’s price predictions also ensures that whenever the market fluctuates extremely, it can take action accordingly to assure that you can still earn money regarding on how the prices may change.  

✔️Free and Can Start Trading Immediately 
Since it is free you can immediately start trading after creating an account. Very nice for people who are just starting to trade with bitcoins.

Cons ?

Like other trading platforms, the Bitcoin Revival requires the internet is able to trade. But since you can just connect to a hotspot anywhere this is just a minor issue.

❌Has a Charge on Transactions
Though this is free it still may charge you for every successful transaction done by the trading bot. But this is just a small percentage of your profit. It will not charge on transactions that you did lose money.

❌Not 100% on Predictions 
This is very trivial as there are no perfect trading bots that exist in the market. Even with the Bitcoin Revival’s high accuracy rate, there are times that you might still lose money on some transactions. Some factors are why this happens is caused by the wrong adjustment of parameters which is done by the user itself and not the software.

Some Tips on Trading

The Bitcoin Revival has a high potential when it comes to earning with bitcoins but still, there are times when you would lose in some trades. In order to prevent this try creating a long term plan on your trading venture. Instead of letting the Bitcoin Revival do all the work for you, work alongside with it instead.

Create a strategy that can maximize the potential of the trading bot. Research and acquire knowledge along the way. Learn from past mistakes and create a solution so that it will not happen again. Reading the news about current trends in the bitcoin market will greatly increase your knowledge and use that to formulate plans and strategies. Also, remember to never put your eggs in the same basket. The bitcoin market is very unstable and the market may fluctuate at any time of the day. It is always good to leave some extra money if ever the worst things happen.

And lastly, just trade what you can afford to lose and don’t let greed take over you. There are many cases of traders going bankrupt because they impulsively invested in some assets that are rumored to sell high in the future.

Bitcoin Revival review: Is It Worth Trying?

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So in conclusion of our Bitcoin Revival review, is the Bitcoin Revival worth trying or not?. If we were to be asked then our answer would be YES. After this Bitcoin Revival review, we are sure of some things. The high profitability of the software makes it very ideal for those who want to earn money passively. Its auto trade feature is very advisable for those who want to take advantage of the 24 hour market of bitcoin.

Another thing to consider is that Bitcoin Revival does all of its calculations and trade placing automatically makes it perfect for rookie traders who want to enter the bitcoin trading world even without enough experience. Lastly, since it has a Demo Mode you can try the Bitcoin Revival yourself. This way you can decide whether this software is really worth your time and money.

>> Register at the Official Bitcoin Revival website

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